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“Start with the end in mind”

Steven R Covey
What is Improvement by design?
Why Improvement by design?

Why are some improvement strategies more effective than others?
What is the return on investment of your improvement approach?

Maximise the success of your organisational improvement strategy by attending the Improvement by design masterclass. Improvement by design  is a unique, highly interactive, two day masterclass for improvement practitioners. Learn about the 5 stage model for reviewing or implementing an improvement strategy. We consider the success factors for delivering better outcomes from your improvement approach and workshop the ideas. Develop your action plan as we progress, and you can implement it immediately after the masterclass. Don’t leave improvement to chance!

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5 stage model

The two-day workshop explores the 5 stage Improvement by design model. Deep dive into factors that will ensure the success of your approach.

Suitable for improvement practitioners and their Manager/Executive sponsor, using any improvement methodology. We recommend registering with your team for maximum benefit.  Our typical participants include:


Registration includes the masterclass, access to the 5 step model, workbook, all templates, refreshments at a great venue, certificate of attendance and two hours of complimentary follow up (per organisation) after the masterclass.

Payment can be made by credit card or invoice – Click here for full Workshop Terms

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